My name is Mariusz Lichacz and I am the photographer and founder of Icon Photo Studio which operates mainly in Chicago and Suburbs. Chicagoland has to offer so many attractive backgrounds for my Clients, but I love to travel, and will be more that happy to photograph your event anywhere in the world.


The style I love and represent is based on mixing documentary and photojournalistic approach with artistic and creative view. That means I sometimes pose my clients, but only to make them look good and natural. I try to catch the moment, personality and emotions as they come.


Each Client is different and has different needs and expectations, style and sense of humor. I listen, we talk and I try to walk in your shoes, I want to feel how it is to be you for a moment, so I can show that on the photographs.


I am constantly searching for new interesting points of view to show predictable, expected situation in fresh, artistic, individual light.


I try hard to give you best service possible, to be your photography mentor, to be your colleague, your friend, so you can 100% count on me.


I believe I can offer wonderful personality, true passion for photography, amazing camera technical skills and great attitude, so your photography session will be as stressless and comfortable as possible.


When it comes to memories, please don’t compromise. I continuously invest in my creativity, education and best technical equipment to make sure I evolve to be better and better.

“You don’t make photograph just with camera. You bring to the act of photography every pictures you have seen, every book you have read, the music you have heard , the people you have loved.” – Ansel Adams

So far I’ve been fortunate to work with personable, kind and artistically minded people. Please take a look at my work and if it “clicks” with you, I’d love to capture and tell your story, too.


To let you know me better, here is what I love :
my wife, lakefront, organic, log house, rustic wood, architecture, being outside, watching people, city at night, raw food, to draw, old things, antiques, spectacular landscapes, campfire, choppers, small towns with custom shops, to travel, to explore, exercising, read, films, art walks, t-shirts, coffee, hand made, home made, wildlife, walking and talking, taste beer from small breweries, try ethnic food, psychology, chocolate, freshness of the spring, smell and touch of summer skin, colors of the fall.


See you soon !
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